Welcome to Charlotte Mercantile, A Gallery of Shops. Charlotte Mercantile has some of the best of Southwest Florida's merchants. We are a collaboration of over 25 unique merchants. Our eclectic store will have you coming back day after day to see the newest and most unique items in Charlotte County. Charlotte Mercantile invites you to visit each shop, but beware you could be here for a bit!

We are here 7 days a week. Monday - Thurs 11a-7pm Friday & Saturday 11a-8p | Sundays 12p -6p

How does it work with multiple vendors? How do you pay?

Upon entering our store the first thing that should be noticed is how many different styles we have! Once you have done your oohing and awing over that, look up to the lights! Each vendor has been given a sign to announce themselves and in the middle of our store is a central register.

If you are only buying from one merchant feel free to pay inside their booth! But if you are carrying products from multiple merchants please check out at the central register!